My High Heels

Every time I see this picture, mesti nak share kat blog or insta. But, I already upload in insta hehe :-p
Every time I open the box, then see those lovely heels, my eyes say cantiknyaaaaa....boleh pakai ke nnti???Huhuhu...
So, technically, I practice to walk using this high heels every night. Walking in my room with it and feeling ala2 princess kejap hehehe. I love this high heels!
Women and heels, wedges cannot separate. They seems like best friend. Gila kau nk keluar pakai selipar! Kalo sneakers boleh gagah lagi la..hehehe 
The point I wrote this is....hurmmm I don't have a solid point :-p. Just like to shout I'm excited to wait my Big Day! :) Wearing those cantik2 dress, feeling ala2 princess, once in a lifetime. Of course the responsibility I need to carry is more important. I do remember those. But, kite pown nk rasa feeling2 princess kejap...hehehe :-p
As I post in another ENTRY before, then I grab this heels. Taraaaa!

Praktis jgn tak praktis! hehehe... :-p
Slaloo lepas habis tulis entry baru nk piker tajuk ape. Huhuhu >.<

Lots by love by TheTiramisuLovers


  1. woot woot...
    new neighbour ;)

    lawa high heels :D


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