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Lama x update. Contest pown no idea what to write. So, I let it go just like that. These few days probably week, been thinking a lot of things. Make me stress. Ooucch! -_-"
Everybody know what is stress. Maybe have faced it. But how to avoid it???? As a conclusion, learn stress management...hahahaha

Stress with work, daily lifetime is normal. I'm not a person who ate lots if stress. Because I'm afraid to gain weights. Satu masalah plak nanti. Hahahaha >.<
When I'm faced problem during working. I'll story to my fiancĂ©e. Because he's knowledgeable, and know how to solve problem. Perempuan biasalah, bila marah, sedih dah tak boleh pikir apa2 dah kan. As he said, in working life, you can't protect somebody because want to save their job because of personal matter. Working life is competitive place. When you late, the others will cut you. And if you too care about others job, how about your jobs? When you faced your boss, never back up your colleague which is non your business. Why??? In reverse they will put a blame on you.
We do care about people because of humanity. But, do they really care us to??? So, buat baik berpada-pada, buat jahat jgn sekali.
When it's come to family problem. Never ever told others. If you faced stress because of family problem, try to solve by your own. You know, mulut manusia bukan mcm mulut tempayan boleh ditutup. Nanti x sampai 5 minit u cerita kat A, nanti B,C,D semua taw your problem. Itu dah mcm bukak pekung di dada. Kan...So try to solved by your own. Learn psychology, that will give benefit to you.
How much problem that we got, actually Allah S.W.T give it to us. He want to test how strong our Iman. Jangan jadi mcm orang yg berfikiran pendek, ada masalah sikit, lari, bunuh diri. Berdosa taw. Bkn boleh masuk syurga pown buat mcm tu. Dia tahu setiap umatnya boleh hadapi masalah2 yg Dia bagi sebab Dia x akan bagi masalah melebihi tahap keupayaan setiap manusia itu sendiri.

Lots of love by TheTiramisuLovers

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