CNY Date with Bestie

It's March yaw! Hehehe... Last CNY date with lovely bestie. Supposed in group, tapi yg laen2 ada program, kita date dua org je ek Hanis :)  
Both of us crazy with USM's view. Wefie together2.. :)
Chocolate pancake & Berry Pancake (not remember their "full" name) hahaha
After that, mencekik kat Brown Pocket. Lunch supposed to eat rice, but we eat dessert. Hehehe Kenyg jgk la...bcoz pancake dia besar. Chocolate and berry pancake. Harga x igt. Tpi affordable! :) Location at Gurney Paragon Mall.
Again wefie sampai lebam! Hehehe >.<
Before we going back, we eat again! got free slice of cake! Alhamdulillah..rezeki :)
Lots of love by TheTiramisuLovers

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