DIY Carnation Flowers


Today I will give some tips on how to make a carnation flowers. I did it for my engagement. Later I'll post about my E'Day. Now let's learn how to make carnation flowers.

First you need to prepare these material:

1) Crepe paper
2) Wire (size 28)
3) Scissors

First, fold the crepe paper like this.

Second, use wire to bind the paper. Disebabkan terlalu rajin, so I bind manik togther with the wire.

Third cut both ends of the paper.

 Lastly, bukak stiap helaian paper crepe tu dan akan jadi bentuk mcm ni.

Simple kan? Nk wat bunga telur guna paper crepe pown boleh. Jimat pown jimat sbb harga satu helai paper crepe just RM 0.50. Satu paper crepe boleh dapat dlm 4-5 kuntum bunga if saiz die besar mcm ni lah. 
Selamat mencuba...

Lots of luv by TheTiramisuLovers

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